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What is the cost of not investing in menopause care?

Want to ensure you don't lose woman at the height of their careers. Make sure you are thinking about;

  • Awareness of menstruation & menopause amongst your employees

  • Implementation of effective policies

  • Creating an inclusive workplace culture

  • Personalised support for each stage of peri/menopause transition 

​Not implementing these changes can lead to the loss of experienced employees who add value to the company as well as the financial implications of absenteeism, employee tribunals, staff recruitment, and training new staff. This loss of time and resources could be avoided.

Adora Calculator

Evaluate the cost of menopause to your organisation:

Benefits to your organisation -add checklist for 5

categories, audit, evaluate, add questions to well being surveys, analyse data on recruitment, retention and promotion, practical actions now and on an ongoing basis.

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