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Hot flushes?
Mood Swings?
Body changes?

Every woman's menopause is different — let Adora guide you through yours

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Breaking down the stigma of the menopause

PWC host Katy Bennett speaks to Ann O'Neill (Adora's founder) and Rachael Hampton (Partner at PwC) about their experience with the menopause. Ann shares what drove her to develop the Adora app to help other women, and Rachael shares her experience of perimenopause, what organisations can do to support women, and why she is hopeful for future women.

How Adora can help

How Adora works

menopause support in your hand

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  • Start to learn about your menopause 


Advice for your experience of menopause

  • Check what stage you're at

  • Get help with all your symptoms

  • Get personalised advice on how to manage your menopause 


Ah relief!
Solutions for you

  • Manage your gut health 

  • Menopause lifestyle hacks 

  • Speak to a women's health GP or gynaecologist 

From hormones to gut health, wellbeing to lifestyle hacks – Adora gives you personal menopause support.  


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