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Why offer menopause support at work?

When you give your employees support for menopause, you’re not just looking out for them – you’re looking out for your business too. (copy from Peppy)

Over 80% of women experience menopause symptoms

Why Adora? 


Adora is the only menopause platform in the market giving women personalised advice at the touch of a button

We use ChatAI to guide women through menopause assessments, deliver personalised advice about the suitability of solutions including HRT,  supplements, lifestyle adjustments and emotional health therapy.

Adora supporting British Standards

Adora provides educational tools,  speeds up access to treatments and solutions and improves GP consultation outcomes. 


Dr Karen Morten

Women health experts paragraph here about NHS consultant gynaecologists and menopause specialists

Adora provides educational tools,  speeds up access to treatments and solutions and improves GP consultation outcomes. 

What is the cost of not investing in menopause care?

Symptoms associated with menopause can result in major insurance and employment-related costs. (copy from Upliv)

  • Time off

  • Productivity

  • Resignation

  • Career obstacles

Adora Calculator

Evaluate the cost of menopause to your organisation:

Menopause support that really works



Improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your people at home and at work, so they can bring their best selves to work.

Employer brand

Enhance your reputation as a destination brand that people are proud to work for, a caring employer and an industry leader.


Diversity, equality & inclusion

Attract and retain a diverse workforce and normalise the conversation around key health issues across your whole workforce.

People goals

Tackle sickness, absence and attrition whilst boosting engagement and performance by looking after your people.


Adora stats/evidence

Gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is the widest for women over 50. Workplace menopause support will benefit your organisation's gender pay gap. (copy from Peppy)

Ageing workforce

People are working longer. Invest in the wellbeing of your senior workforce, and invest in their talent, knowledge and skills.

Diversity, equality & inclusion

95% of employers rated menopause support in the workplace as effective or highly effective for enhancing diversity, equality and inclusion.

Employer brand

The proof is here: 81% of Adora Menopause users felt more committed to their employer for offering Adora. (copy from Peppy)

"Business testimonial example feedback on Adora from a happy customer. Quote example feedback on Adora menopause from a happy organisation quote here sampe copy paragraph of copy example positive quote."

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Employee experience proposition 

Ready for a healthier business?
Let's talk! 

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