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Why offer menopause support at work?

With a skills shortage, ageing workforce and recruitment challenges, businesses need to ensure they are suitable for all employees. Around 20% of any workforce is in some stage of menopause and 80% of those will experience symptoms

£10 billion in loss to the UK economy

Why Adora? 


Adora is the only workplace benefit platform
helping women to
self-manage their menopause  

Our state-of-the-art AI can identify a woman's individual symptoms. It delivers personalised advice about treatments, lifestyle and emotional health – and can quickly connect her to experts

Adora helps you support British Standards – fast

The new British Standard BS 30416 menstruation menstrual health and menopause in the workplace aims to provide all businesses with guidance on how they can adequately support employees experiencing menopause symptoms


Dr Karen Morton

Adora's team is made up of NHS gynaecologists and menopause specialists

Online consultations with NHS-trained women's health doctors. This speeds up access to treatments and solutions, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and fewer women out of the workplace 

How much does menopause cost your business?

Use our calculator to evaluate the hidden costs of menopause to your organisation

  • Time off and disruption

  • Decline in productivity

  • Increase in resignations

  • Cost of re-hiring

  • Gender inequality at senior level

  • Midlife talent brain drain

  • UK-wide skills shortage

Adora Calculator

Evaluate the cost of menopause to your organisation:

Menopause support in five simple steps

How Adora is helping business

5 in 10

women said that Adora improved their menopause. 


The amount the managers saved through loss retention.

Diversity, equality & inclusion

95% of employers rated menopause support in the workplace as effective or highly effective for enhancing diversity, equality and inclusion.

Employer brand

The proof is here: 81% of Adora Menopause users felt more committed to their employer for offering Adora. (copy from Peppy)

"Business testimonial example feedback on Adora from a happy customer. Quote example feedback on Adora menopause from a happy organisation quote here sampe copy paragraph of copy example positive quote."

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Employee experience proposition 

Ready for a healthier business?
Let's talk! 

Book an introductory call to find out how Adora can can support menopause care in your organisation.

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