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Menopause Support:

A Workplace Responsibility

With a growing skills shortage, an aging workforce, and recruitment challenges, businesses need to ensure they are accommodating for all employees. Roughly 20% of any workforce is in some stage of menopause, and 80% of those will experience symptoms


77% of women experience very difficult menopause symptoms

How Adora can help

Reduce impact on the workplace

Access to Adora can bring a huge positive impact.

86% said Adora had increased their understanding of menopause.


"My menopausal symptoms have less impact on my work and performance." 

Pola  August '23


Culture Change

 59% of women hide their menopause symptoms at work. 

Adora opens up the conversations in your workplace and our friendly, online expert led sessions provide education and support.

"I have learnt so much from listening to other women."


Julia May '23 

Diversity, equality & inclusion

The gender pay gap,  gender pensions gap, diversity in leadership, lack of women in the C-suite. 

63% of women said menopause had a negative impact on their work.   Expert menopause support is essential if you want to be part of the solution.   

"I am no longer thinking of leaving."

Estelle July '23


Employer brand

Supporting women at this time and helping them manage their symptoms creates a workforce that can thrive.


of women said Adora had opened up conversations about the menopause in their workplace.

"I now feel part of a workplace community where I am supported."

Nisha August '23

Menopause Workplace Support


Giving woman the confidence to self-manage menopause

A comprehensive menopause digital service in a a handy app. Adora identifies a woman's specific symptoms before providing personalised guidance on treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and emotional wellbeing. Moreover, Adora seamlessly connects with women's health experts for prompt support.  No waiting lists.

Our team comprises NHS gynaecologists and menopause specialists

Our platform offers menopause consultations with women's menopause specialists trained by the NHS. This accelerates access to treatments like HRT and solutions, ultimately resulting in enhanced health outcomes and fewer women absent from the workplace.


Dr Karen Morton


Quickly align with British Standards — let us guide you

The new British Standard BS 30416 focuses on menstruation, menstrual health, and menopause in the workplace. Its aim is to provide all businesses with guidance on how to effectively support employees experiencing menopause symptoms.

Affordable enterprise-level personalised healthcare

At Adora, we understand the unique challenges that companies face in today's dynamic business landscape. Our tailored solutions bring enterprise-level care to businesses of all sizes, ensuring your workforce receives the same level of attention and expertise.


How much does menopause cost your business?

Use our Adora Menopause calculator to understand the hidden costs of menopause to your organisation.

  • Time off and disruption

  • Decline in productivity

  • Increase in resignations

  • Cost of re-hiring

  • Gender inequality at senior level

  • Midlife talent brain drain

  • UK-wide skills shortage

Adora Calculator

Evaluate the cost of menopause to your organisation:

Adora: Comprehensive Menopause Care

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Employee experience proposition 

Ready for menopause support in your business?
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