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Are you providing menopause workplace support yet?

Women aged 40+ are the fastest growing workforce demographic yet the most underserved for healthcare. 1 in 10 women have quit work for menopausal reasons.*

Adora can help you to support menopause in your business quickly and easily.


 Trusted by industry leaders


Why Adora?

The only platform to give personalised  support - empowering women to
self-manage their menopause

Adora uses intuitive and state-of-the-art AI to help women get to treatments and solutions fast

Our five-step approach

From improving menopause symptoms to boosting employee wellbeing,
Adora’s confidential support consists of:   

  1. AI technology that learns about a woman's needs and creates personalised plans 

  2. Instant access to gynaecologists - no waiting lists 

  3. Easy-to-use symptom tracker and toolkit

  4. Educational health hub with lifestyle and latest news

  5. Regular live events with top women's health experts 

Building up menopausal women,
one workplace at a time

Adora's mission is to help businesses help women. PWC host Katy Bennett chats to Ann O'Neill (Adora's founder) and Rachael Hampton (Partner at PwC) about what organisations can do to support women's health

How Adora can help your business

Stop menopause brain drain

The UK is facing an urgent skills shortage. Menopausal women are the fastest-growing workforce demographic - but over one million* have quit work due to menopause. 

Recruit and retain experienced talent

It can cost businesses up to £30K to replace a senior employee when you factor in recruitment fees, training, loss of productivity. An inclusive work culture attracts top talent.

Diversity, equality & inclusion 

Around 20% of any workforce is in some stage of menopause and 80% of those will have symptoms. Menopausal support is a
key component of every effective DE&I policy.

Equip your employees & keep your workplace safe 

33% of employers do not feel equipped to support women through the menopause according to a YouGov survey.  Adora can support employees impacted by the menopause and keep your business within the law.

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Employee experience proposition 

Ready for a healthier business?
Let's talk! 

Book an introductory call to find out how Adora can provide menopause support in your organisation now

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