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Meet our experts

Dr Karen Morton, Senior NHS Women’s Health and Menopause Consultant, Adora 

Dr Karen Morton
Senior NHS Women’s Health and Menopause Consultant 

Karen is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and founder of the medical helpline, Dr Morton’s. A senior menopause trainer, she is on the register of the British Menopause Society. After years of dealing with gynaecological issues over the phone, she believes communication technology like adora can make a real difference to women’s gynaecological needs and tackle the impact gender health inequality has on career progression and quality of life.

Dr. Fran Cappelluto, GP Menopause Specialist and Adora's Clinical Safety Officer

Dr. Fran Cappelluto
GP Menopause Specialist and Adora's Clinical Safety Officer

Fran is a Women's Health Specialist and menopause trained expert. She is also adora's Clinical Safety Officer and ensures eveything you see, read or watch is NHS recommended and approved 

Tanya Borowski, Adora’s Clinical Nutritional Therapist

Tanya Borowski
Clinical Nutritional Therapist using Functional Medicine 

Adora’s Clinical Nutritional Therapist is Tanya Borowski. Tanya has spent the past two decades studying nutrition, human biology, functional medicine & women's health education. She has empowered thousands of women with her workshops, retreats, 1:1 clinical work and practitioner programmes.  She is driven to educate and empower women across all aspects of their life stages, from menarche to menopause to achieve their personal optimal health and wellbeing.  In 2016 Tanya co-wrote the revolutionary book The Clever Guts Diet with the world's gut health guru Michael Mosley. 

Ann O’Neill,  Co-Founder and CEO of Adora Health

Ann O’Neill

Co-Founder and CEO

Ann has had an entrepreneurial spirit since she could talk! Now, after 20+ years working in business development, marketing and brand partnerships both in some of the world’s biggest media businesses as well as in startup-land, she’s bringing that experience to adora. A member of McKinsey Digital Health Global CEO Group, Ann is committed to redressing the healthcare imbalance that disadvantages women and diverse communities both in life and in the workplace.

Ed Smith,  Co-founder and CTO of Adora Health

Ed Smith

Co-founder and CTO

Ed is an expert in disruptive tech solutions in the mobile industry. He has developed Conversational AI for organisations ranging from EY to Deloitte and international banks, as well as working for Qualcomm, working in the UK, US and Far East. When Ann first told Ed what it was like to be a perimenopausal woman both in and out of the workplace, he didn’t believe her! But after doing his own research he was shocked at the lack of information and could see how adora could improve women’s lives.

Our Story

Ann O’Neill was in her mid-40s and on the sharp end of perimenopause (sweats, brain fog, periods from hell - you name it!) when she discovered just how little healthcare support there really was for women going through menopause and beyond.

Never one to put up with a raw deal, Ann saw an opportunity to change all that - not just by supporting women on their individual menopause journeys, but also by helping organisations to do the same for their teams.


Ann joined up with Ed Smith (an expert in conversational AI) and Dr Karen Morton (a senior NHS Consultant women’s health gynaecologist, and menopause specialist) who shared her belief that women deserved better and good employers play an integral role in their female workforce’s health and wellbeing. Everyone benefits from making the workplace menopause-friendly. And so adora was born.

Woman using adora health app, illustration by Emmy Lupin
Ann O'Neill - founder of Adora Menopause

As heard on the BBC
Adora’s founder,
Ann O'Neill, chats with
BBC’s James Cannon about what led her
to set up adora

Ann O'Neill (Adora) chats with James Cannon (BBC) on World Menopause Day
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