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Meeting unmet needs in women's health

Adora menopause app pilot:

Innovator Insights Bulletin, 2023

Medway South Primary Care Network has transformed their offering to women’s health by working with adora to pilot their menopause app. Together they are using the app to address a largely unmet need for women experiencing the menopause.

This month’s feature piece focuses on a pilot currently underway in Medway South PCN, using adora, an AI digital health service delivered via an app. This was developed by an innovative female founded start-up company, adora digital health, based in Guildford. This pilot seeks to identify the optimal way to help as many women as possible understand the symptoms of menopause, and what options there are to help them with these symptoms.

The AI technology aims to personalise the education a women receives on the symptoms of menopause, provides curated information on options to address these symptoms, and helps them work out what stage of menopause they are at. Through logging their symptoms, the user can produce an easy to read summary report to share with a healthcare professional, enabling an informed discussion on potential treatment options. The app has been designed based on guidelines from the British Menopause Society and the clinical leadership and input of a leading gynaecologist and women's health experts specialising in this field.

Medway South PCN already provides leading edge support for women with menopause symptoms through its health and wellbeing coaches. Working with the local public health team, patients can seek help one-to-one or as part of a group. The pilot with the adora app builds on this foundation, offering women more personalised, curated support delivered at the moment of need.

We are supporting the evaluation of this pilot in order to identify the impact on women, and what effect using the app has on demand for GP appointments related to menopause. You can read more about adora here.

Innovator Insights Bulletin, 2023


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