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Having trouble accessing the Adora App?

We’re so sorry you’re having a glitch ☹️. 
Below are a few things that could be going wrong.

Need to update the app?

Sometimes we have make changes to the App that need you to update it. Either tap the update button in the app or goto your app store and search for "Adora".

Registration email link not working?


  • The best thing to try is to use the 4-digit PIN to verify instead. Check your email for your unique PIN and enter it into the 'Your Adora PIN' box on the Adora App.

Email PIN (8).png
Enter PIN enhanced (4).png
  • It might be that you have more than one registration email in your inbox. Select the most recent email and click on that link.


  • Work emails can often have built-in security which blocks external links. Are you able to register again using a different email

No registration email arrived?

  • Adora needs to send a special link to your phone via email. Double-check the email address you told us - it needs to be correct so we can check if it really is you.

  • It might be worth checking your spam folders as the email could be lurking there.​

Better still, contact us at if you want to communicate with a human being!​

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