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Having trouble accessing the Adora App?

We are sorry that you are having problems with the app. We have put together the following suggestions to help.

Or contact to get help at any time.

  • The link opens a web page!

    • The link in the email will only work if it is clicked on the phone where you downloaded the Adora app. If you don't receive those emails on your phone, then please use an email that does. The link only works if you click it while on the phone.​

    • Sometimes, if you use Chrome as your default browser on your phone, the Apple App Store won't open at the right page. It is a pain, but try to copy and paste the following link into Safari.

  • Have you checked your email address?

    • Adora needs to send a special link to your phone via email. The email address you give us needs to be correct so we can check it really is you.

  • Did you receive the email?​

    • It might be worth checking spam folders to check if the email did arrive.​

  • I click the link and nothing happens

    • It might be that you have two emails with links. It can happen that the wrong email is being clicked. Check the time the email arrived and make sure you are clicking the most recent.​​

  • I click the link and it says "Retry" on the app store

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