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Personalised menopause support 
for your workforce

Adora provides access to trusted health experts and a digital companion to ensure that every woman is guided and supported through their unique menopause journey


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Why Adora?

A menopause companion for each and every woman in the workplace

Adora combines human-led support with intuitive AI to guide, support, and nurture every woman on their unique menopause journey

Our solution

Comprehensive care throughout your journey

From alleviating menopause symptoms to enhancing employee wellbeing, Adora offers confidential support that includes:

  • Personalised journeys tailored to each woman's needs

  • Direct access to gynecologists – no waiting lists

  • User-friendly symptom tracker and toolkit

  • Educational health hub offering lifestyle insights and the latest news

  • Regular live events featuring top women's health experts

Fostering a positive workplace for menopausal women

Adora's mission is to help businesses help women. PwC host Katy Bennett chats to Ann O'Neill (Adora's founder) and Rachael Hampton (Partner at PwC) about what organisations can do to support women's health

How Adora can help your business

Stop menopause brain drain

The UK is facing an urgent skills shortage. Menopausal women are the fastest-growing workforce demographic - but over one million have quit work due to menopause. 

Recruit and retain experienced talent

It can cost businesses up to £30K to replace a senior employee when you factor in recruitment fees, training, loss of productivity. Added to that an inclusive work culture attracts top talent.

Diversity, equality & inclusion 

Around 20% of any workforce is in some stage of menopause and 80% of those will have symptoms. Menopausal support is a key component of every effective DE&I policy. 

Boost workplace culture

Eight out of ten women say their employer hasn't shared menopause information.  Supportive workplaces increase productivity and staff loyalty, reducing turnover and absence.

Ready for a healthier business?
Let's talk! 

Book an introductory call to find out how Adora can provide menopause support in your organisation now

"The Adora service offers personalised access to expert menopause advice and education and events at the touch of a button and can empower women to self manage their symptoms, open up the conversation in the workplace and reduce the impact menopause has on their health and wellbeing"


Jo McCarthy-Holland  

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Director

University of Surrey

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